Communication vital in parent-teen relationships even during high school

Credit: Created by Vlado.

Credit: Created by Vlado.

Frances Nicole Tabios, Reporter

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Parents play a vital role in teens’ lives. Many parents often think that teens no longer need as much guidance when they reach high school. Sometimes parents want their teens to stand on their own feet and make their own choices, believing that when children reach their pre-teen or teenage years, they need less support and guidance. Yet, the belief may be false.

College counselor Randy Fong said, “It’s always good to have a relationship with your parents since they always want what’s best for you. As a parent myself, I’m always concerned about my children.”

Research shows that teenagers who have strong relationships with their parents tend to do far better across many areas of life than teenagers who are not supported or have little guidance from parents.

Freshman counselor Angie Dolan said, “With a good relationship, there is clear communication, and I feel that parents aren’t over-controling or distrusting. I also think that with a healthy relationship, parents know the morals and decisions their children will make and trust them in that. With that being said, having communication and trust leads to happiness on both ends.”

Communication is one of the primary ways for parents to stay involved in teens’ lives. WIth guidance from parents, teens can make the right decisions more frequently.

Junior Shannon Domingsil said, “Having a good relationship with my parents is important because I am able to be open with them. I love going home and talking to my parents about my day or just a random topic or something that came up in our lives, in the news or on the radio.”

With a strong relationship with parents, teens are also more likely to accept supervision, adopt values and ideals, and follow rules even when parents are not around.

Fong said, “A good relationship between parents and teens starts with communication so that teens could have an honest discussion about their dilemmas. Teens will also feel security when they are open with their parents.”