‘Crown of Midnight’ draws in readers with danger and romance

Mariko Galton, Reporter

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“Crown of Midnight” by Sarah J. Maas is the second installment of the “Throne of Glass” trilogy.

Celaena Sardothein has won the competition and is now the King’s Champion. Although she is under the command of the King, Celaena is anything but loyal to him.

As the new royal assassin, Celaena is assigned missions that could ruin her plans. Instead of eliminating the unsuspecting victims, Celaena goes behind the king’s back and fakes their deaths.When she encounters a strange figure coming out of the library, Celaena suspects something dangerous and evil lurking beneath the library.

Meanwhile, Prince Dorian is discovering new things about himself. After reading a book about his bloodline, Dorian begins to wonder if he has magic. Then, when he least expects it, the dormant magic inside him awakens.

“Crown of Midnight” will draw readers in with its medieval setting and combination of magic and romance. The constant turn of events will make readers anxious for the ending.

This book is recommended for ages 14 to 18 because of adult situations and mild violence. “Crown of Midnight” brings a new twist with its Cinderella-turns-into-an-assassin theme.