Sodexo offers new salad bar to students

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Sodexo offers new salad bar to students

Frances Nicole Tabios, Reporter

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Sodexo has started a new salad bar for high school students as it attempts to integrate healthier food choices for students.

Sodexo manager Erin Awai said, “My ultimate goal is to provide students with new, fresh and convenient lunch options. My goal to provide selection options and encourage students to try new foods and choose the healthier option.The salad box provides that option. Students don’t have to wait in line, just pick up and go to their lunch meetings.”

Students can now pre-order and pre-pay for salads  with choices of base greens, toppings, proteins and dressing.  Students need to fill out a form and check choices by the end of recess.  By lunch time, the salad will be packed and ready. They don’t have to stand in line.

Awai said, “I noticed that high school students wanted a salad bar. However, it wasn’t a feasible action since they don’t want to stand in line and wait. Now, the salad bar is available at breakfast or snack time. Yet, they must turn in the salad form for lunch salads by the end of recess.”

Students who have tried the salad bar are enjoying it and hoping it will last for a long time.

Awai said, “Students are very excited and we usually have 15 orders a day.”

Sophomore Shayla Santos said, “I am really enjoying the new salad bar because I am able to choose what goes on my salad. Also, I get to eat healthier since the bar offers a variety of toppings that are nutritious.”

Some students still think the salads are a bit expensive.

Senior Kaye Tabios said, “I think the salads are a little overpriced because I don’t want to spend over five to six dollars although I like how Sodexo is incorporating healthier foods for us to eat.”

The salad bar is accessible to students in grades 7-12, faculty and. The salad box will not be available on Mass or assembly days. It will be available as long as there is enough interest. It was open to students beginning on Sept. 15.