Foreign languages increase opportunities


According to studies, knowing a second or third language is advantageous and useful. Students who can speak and use another language are more likely to find  jobs which have wider opportunities in the future.

Sophomore Hudson Jones, who is studying Spanish,  said, “Foreign languages not only open doors to new frontiers in jobs and travel but also are a different learning experience. No other subject requires you to learn in the same way languages do.  While learning languages involves the same principles such as memorization, logical thought and application, they also require human interaction and constant oral practice.”

Research proves that knowing a different language allows students to explore other  cultures and meet others from around the world. It may also benefit mental health.

Spanish teacherKeeleyCestare said, “People who learn foreign languages become global citizens because learning a new language opens doors to new cultures and climates. Through learning a foreign language, you can meet people from all over the world, travel, have more opportunities in the job market and fulfill college credits before finishing high school. Furthermore, people who study foreign languages are less susceptible to diseases like dementia.”

Another strong advocate of language learning is Japanese teacher Masa Yamaguchi.

“By being multilingual, students can expand their own borders. They can learn other cultures more directly rather than using a tour guide or a translator. Lastly, there are more job opportunities and they may possibly earn extra money.”

Studies show that studying a foreign language through high school is an asset to the cognitive process. Being multilingual can lead to improvement in mental calculation, reading and other vital skills. It may also improve intellectual flexibility and memorization.

Cestare said, “It is wise to take the same language throughout high school so that you can become proficient in the language. Also, taking the same language throughout high school will look impressive on your college applications and give you a better chance of either testing out of college language requirements or placing into a higher level language class and potentially even earning more credits.”

In an interconnected global society, foreign languages are vital to students’ lives. They create opportunities and provide advantages. Imagine reading a newspaper or novel in the original language. Imagine speaking to people who speak the language. Imagine working in the country of the language’s origin.

Foreign language students can become global citizens.

Senior Ye Eun Lee said, “Taking a foreign language enables me to communicate with people all over the world. It’s interesting how you come to realize that you’re speaking another language with a person and have that connection of being able to communicate. Just knowing that I can use this language any time and any day makes me feel connected to the outer world.”