‘Rift’ teaches decision-making process

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“Rift” by Andrea Cremer is about 16-year-old Ember Morrow who is required to go to a group called Conatus.

After a healer from Conatus saves her mother’s life during labor, Ember is called to serve at Conatus. When she arrives at Conatus, Ember takes a test that determines her position. When Ember chooses the path of a knight and passes the test, she is immediately placed in the knights’ headquarters. As one of the few women knights, Ember goes through difficult training with her mentor Barrow Hess.

Barrow Hess is a handsome, mysterious knight who is respected and feared among the knights at Conatus. When Barrow and Ember train together, Barrow gives Ember advice about being a knight and fighting against evil creatures. As Barrow and Ember become close, Ember begins to have feelings for her mentor. Ember doesn’t know what he’s feeling, but after a night of disaster and tragedy, Barrow reveals his feelings to Ember.

Within the walls of Conatus, betrayal and corruption alienate the knights and officials. A dark, evil entity lurks in the shadows and corridors of Conatus that will create a war between humans and creatures. Barrow and Ember must choose whether to do what they think is right or become followers of a malicious fiend and their once respected official Eira.

“Rift” is an adventurous story that will capture readers’ interest in the first few pages. Its intriguing story about knights, magic and romance will make readers eager to read until the last page.

This book is recommended for ages 14 to 17 because of adult situations and mild violence. “Rift” is a story that readers will remember for its love triangle and lesson on doing the right thing.