‘Love? Maybe’ features true love

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“Love? Maybe” by Heather Hepler is about high school student Piper who has been hurt by those she loves. Since Piper’s father and stepfather walked out of her life, Piper no longer believes in love.

Piper’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day when she is surrounded by candy hearts and all things sweet. When her friends plan to get them Valentine’s dates, Piper feels that there’s no purpose to it, but after gaining the most popular boy in school as a boyfriend, Piper begins to feel that love may be possible.
After a secret admirer leaves gifts in Piper’s locker, she begins to question who the admirer is. As more gifts appear, she begins to question if she is dating the wrong guy. Her friends believe it’s her boyfriend, but Piper has a feeling that it’s someone else.

“Love? Maybe” is a sweet love story that  shows readers how love may be closer than one thinks. Its romantic flow will give readers hope of finding a true, undiscovered love.The lesson on never giving up will inspire readers to keep an open mind about falling in love.

This book is recommended for ages 12-17 because of school relationships and romance between characters. Its lesson about not giving up on love will give readers hope and determination of finding a true love.