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‘Walk Two Moons’ is heart-warming story for readers

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‘Walk Two Moons’ is heart-warming story for readers

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“Walk Two Moons” by Sharon Creech takes place in Euclid, Ohio, then slowly makes its way across the United States to Idaho.

Salamanca, known as Sal, moves from Bybanks, Ky., to Ohio. She did not want to move there.

Sal and her father live within a few blocks of Mrs. Cadaver’s house. Sal doesn’t like her because she thinks that Mrs. Cadaver and her father love each other, but soon she will know the reason why her father likes Mrs. Cadaver so much.

As Sal tells her story to her grandparents, she journeys to see her mother’s grave in Idaho, where the accident happened. This is the first time she is going to the grave. Spending three days with her grandparents, Sal tells them about her new house, new friends and the scary, mysterious Mrs. Cadaver.

While in Idaho, something happens that shakes the family.

“Walk Two Moons” is a sad, love story about a family and a future full of loss.

This book is recommended for mature teens. It is a lovely book and a page- turner. It leaves readers with an ache in their hearts that they will not soon forget.

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‘Walk Two Moons’ is heart-warming story for readers